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Marks Driving School makes History

First Chrysler 200C to be used for teaching in the Driving School industry in California and possibly in the USA. She Declares.


Love my Chrysler 200C.  Henry my student (in car) says it’s comfortable and he likes all the high tech. As for me, I’m still learning.  I set the temp with a voice command the other day, but when I asked it to find a man, it said, sorry can’t help.  So what good is all the high tech?

Stop the #1 Killer of Teens in America

California hosts a cornucopia of roadways, where millions of commuters’ lives converge daily. In bleak contrast to the vibrancy of the state, thousands of lives—especially young lives—end unnecessarily on these roads. Reckless and distracted driving is the number one killer of teens in America, but it should not even be one of the killers; this is a 100% preventable epidemic.

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